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Izzy's Place

The opposite of hip
27 March

Well, whadya know--it WAS a tumor!

N.B. If I've ever written anything substantive or especially creative in this thing, it's almost certainly friends-only. If you simply must know what's behind curtain number three, leave me a comment.

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Date Created: August, 2003

Izzy23 is searching for a highly-paid and secure position as a professional dilettante.
Strengths: Mostly inoffensive. Usually looks like she knows what she's doing.
Weaknesses: Short attention span, synthetic plate in skull, and the rare literal potential for having an actual screw loose.
Special Skills: Reads voraciously and fast, sings mostly on-key, can identify a turkey vulture when it's still a dot on the horizon, knows how to look stuff up, really good at falling down on demand (but lately prefers not to).
Weapons: Razor wit, fierce attack shih-tzus.
Current Obsessions (subject to change): Radio drama, hiking, 60's and 70's SF, sketch comedy, artifice vs. "natural reality", birds, butterflies, pattern recognition, youth subcultures (from the outside), my brilliantly bright and beautiful (and coincidentally alliterative) baby boy

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